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This season we are dealing with road closures on the road leading to the park! Stay up to date here OR on our Facebook page!

We will also include anything going on in the park that you might need to know about. Thank you for being here!

The road to BH is open on both sides now. There may be times where the road is only one lane and you may have wait a short amount of time before being let through. 

The entrance to BH will be done on 7/12/2023, there may be a short wait while turning onto county BH. Please be patient with the road crew, they are just doing their job. 

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2023 Camping Announcements

New Reservation System for the 2024 Season!

We will be implementing a new reservation system this season. All camp credit that is currently on our system will not be transferred to the new system. All current camp credit on the computer must be used by December 31st, 2023.

Reservation day for the 2024 season has not been determined yet. We know for sure that it will be after the first of the year. We will keep you updated!

No Over-Flows
No Non-Reservables
No Doubling Up

It was decided for the 2023 Season that there will be some changes throughout the campground.

1. We will no longer be offering Over-Flow campsites. These sites will now be used for emergency purposes only and can only be given out by management. 

2. We no longer have "Non-Reservable" sites. All campsites in the park (besides the emergency administrative sites) can be reserved. If you want to camp, please plan ahead and make a reservation!

3. We will no longer allow doubling up on campsites of any kind. The electrical pedestals on our campsites cannot handle two campers being plugged into the same pedestal. We had multiple issues last season with this. Again, please plan ahead! If you want to camp with a group, please reserve sites together or book a group site!

Electric cars cannot be charged in the campground! Please be aware of this and be prepared before your stay at the lake. 

Our yearly newsletter is a great place to catch up on things you might have missed!
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