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For the 2024 season, we will be implementing a BRAND NEW reservation and point of sale system called CampLife! After months of searching, we feel that this new system will best serve our park and offer new features that will benefit all visitors. 

It has been a very long and tedious process switching over reservation systems and setting up our park with a brand new software. Training staff and learning the ins and outs of a new system takes time.  BUT... we are very excited to announce that we will have CampLife up and running December 1st, 2023!

This means that all sales for the 2024 season will not be able to be processed until December 1 of 2023. This includes; private boat mooring slips, park stickers, and cabin reservations for ice fishing. 

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2024 Park Stickers

Annual Park Stickers for the 2024 season will be available at the park office starting December 1st, 2023. 

Please note, we WILL be keeping track of vehicle information this year including license plate number! 

1st Annual Park Sticker - $ 26.00

2nd Annual Park Sticker - $16.00

*In order to get the 2nd Annual Park Sticker for the reduced rate, you must purchase it at the same time as the 1st Annual Park Sticker!* 

The 3rd sticker goes back to the regular price. 

Private Boat Mooring Slips

Letters for private boat mooring renewals will be sent out the last week in November. 

Payments for these cannot be accepted until December 1st of 2023.

There are NO additional private boat mooring spots available for the 2024 season! 

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Reservation Day for 2024 Season! 

Reservation day for the 2024 season will take place on January 20th 2024! Doors will open at 7:00am to start processing reservations. 

Please click the link below for more information about reservation day! 

Credit Card Fees

Starting December 1, 2023 there will be a 3% convenience fee on all card transactions!

We understand that some may be frustrated by this. So, we're giving you a heads up BEFORE we get into our season.

As we continue to make upgrades in our office to better your experience, we are needing to purchase better equipment and software. As credit card processors and computer software get fancier each year to better serve the consumer, their prices go up as well. We are continuously met with the tough decision of how to deal with increased prices and we feel it's only right to be open with you all about it!

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