Feather 3

Rules & Regulations


  • All vehicles must have an admission sticker for Blackhawk Lake that is visible to park staff. NO EXEPTIONS. Being caught in the park without vehicle admission will result in a $500.00 County Citation. 

  • All campers must register in the park office. 

  • There is a maximum of 6 guests per regular campsite and 24 guests on a group site. A charge of $2.00 per person will be added for any extra guests. 

  • Any site that is "doubling up" a camper has to pay a regular nightly fee. NO EXEPTIONS. 

  • Quiet Hours are from 11pm to 8am. Noise level to only be heard within your campsite. NO GENERATORS AT THIS TIME.

  • All park guests must deposit garbage in provided dumpsters or trash receptacles. Leaving garbage, cans, or bottles in the fire pits is subject to a littering fine. Please help us keep the park clean!

  • Please treat our park facilities with care. Intentional damage to any park property will result in prosecution. 

  • Pets are allowed in the park but they MUST be leashed and cleaned up after. ABSOLUTELY NO PETS ARE ALLOWED IN THE BEACH AREA.

  • Fish entrails are to ONLY be deposited at the fish cleaning station or in the dump station dumpster. 

  • You may collect dead and down red wood; but green plant material may not be collected. (Bundles of wood are available for purchase at the park office. )

  • Blackhawk Lake is a NO WAKE LAKE! Please be respectful to other boaters around you.