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Rules & Regulations


  • All vehicles must have an admission sticker for Blackhawk Lake that is visible to park staff. NO EXEPTIONS. Being caught in the park without vehicle admission will result in a $500.00 County Citation. 

  • Annual admission stickers must be adhered to the passenger side windshield or window. You may NOT set it on the dash, tape it to your window, or pass it from vehicle to vehicle. 

  • All campers must register in the park office. (If you do not check in, we don't know you're here and your spot could be sold to someone else.)

    • If the park office is closed when you check in, you have until 10am the following morning to check into your campsite. ​

  • There is a maximum of 6 guests per regular campsite and 24 guests on a group site. A charge of $2.00 per person will be added for any extra guests. 

  • "Doubling up" on campsites in NOT allowed. Only one camper is allowed on each regular site. 

  • Quiet Hours are from 11pm to 8am. Noise level to only be heard within your campsite. NO GENERATORS AT THIS TIME.

  • All park guests must deposit garbage in provided dumpsters or trash receptacles. Leaving garbage, cans, or bottles in the fire pits is subject to a littering fine. Please help us keep the park clean!

  • Please treat our park facilities with care. Intentional damage to any park property will result in prosecution. 

  • Pets are allowed in the park but they MUST be leashed and cleaned up after. ABSOLUTELY NO PETS ARE ALLOWED IN THE BEACH AREA.

  • Fish entrails are to ONLY be deposited at the fish cleaning station or in the dump station dumpster. 

  • You may collect dead and down red wood; but green plant material may not be collected. (Bundles of wood are available for purchase at the park office. )

  • Blackhawk Lake is a NO WAKE LAKE! Please be respectful to other boaters around you. 

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