Blackhawk Lake Recreation Area is owned by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) with an operational easement granted to Iowa County. The Wisconsin DNR has jurisdiction of the lake and designated wildlife areas. The Cobb-Highland Recreation Commission oversees the operations of the recreational area. This Commission consists of ten board members, five each from the Villages of Cobb and Highland. Blackhawk Lake Recreation Area is not part of the Wisconsin State Park System, and therefore, does not receive any funding from State or County tax dollars.

The Blackhawk Lake Recreation Area consists of over 2,050 total acres. The lake is 220 acres, the recreation area about 330 acres and the designated wildlife areas about 1,500 acres.

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The park first opened on July 4, 1972.

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The park is named after Chief Black Hawk who led a group of Sauk and Fox Indian Warriors through present day southwest Wisconsin and northwest Illinois during the Black Hawk War of 1832

Blackhawk Lake Recreation Area
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